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Indoor plants have been all the rage for quite some time now. People have been increasingly interested in getting indoor plants in Nepal after knowing the many benefits that they provide.

Indoor plants have many health and decorative benefits such as allergy relief, mood improvements, humidity increase in rooms, air purification, better sleep, stress release, or even better digestion. As medical science has made progress, more and more benefits of having indoor plants are being discovered.

Plant and Decor provides you with a one-of-a-kind and dedicated platform to buy indoor and outdoor plants in Nepal. Here, you can find indoor plants, plant pots and accessories to take advantage of all the health benefits these plants provide and to also make your home look more vibrant and amazing.

Plant and Decor


Just completed the construction of your dream house? Or thinking that your home looks a bit bland and could use some decoration products? If so, you have come to the right place.

Plant and Decor is an online marketplace that will help you find the home decoration products of your liking to make your home become a perfect place for living. Here, you can find independent vendors from all around Nepal who can provide you with the home decor products such as paintings, furniture, antiques, and even handmade crafts according to your taste preference. With the help of Plants and Decor, you can shop for home decor from the comfort of your home.

Let us Design Your Dream Home

We at Plant and Decor also provide with the complete home construction solution.  From Blueprints, 3D Modules, Interior Design and Decoration to Complete Construction Service, Plant and Decor takes care of all the essential steps to provide you with the best and effortless home construction experience in Nepal.

Plant and Decor with our highly qualified team make sure to achieve what you have perceived as your dream home by working closely with you from the beginning till you move in.

WHY Plant and Decor?

A Special Community

Plant and Decor is online marketplace, where people come together to make, buy, sell and collect different/Special items. We are here to connect you to the maker directly and making the whole process easy and fun.

Supporting Independent Sellers

Plant and Decor is a special community with several independent vendors selling things online that they have put their heart and soul on. Shopping at Plant and Decor always help you to find something extraordinary.

Peace of Mind

You can now shop at ease as we provide competitive price on all our products so that you don’t have look elsewhere.Also we will support and assist you in every steps needed. We will make your shopping experience more fun and easy.

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About Plant and Decor

– Nepal’s First Dedicated Plants and Decorations Online Marketplace –

Plant and Decor is a one of a kind online store in Nepal. It is a platform and a marketplace where independent buyers and sellers can promote, sell and buy their plant and decor products online in Nepal.

Here, you can find all things related to indoor and outdoor plants, pots, and accessories provided by various independent vendors from all over Nepal.In addition to the indoor and  outdoor plants and plant accessories, you can also find here every kind of home decoration products.

Plant and Decor is the perfect place for you if you are a buyer who wants indoor and outdoor plants and decoration products for your home and gardens without having to go out and physically pick out your choices or if you are a vendor who wants to sell plant and decoration products to reach as many customers as possible.  

Many vendors specializing in home decor are also available on this platform to provide you with the kind of decoration products such as painting, furniture, antiques, you need to make your home look amazing. 

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