ZZ Plant

Plant ZZ Plant
Scientific Name Zamioculc Gem
Plant Size The plant grows up to 3-4 feet when fully grown.
Nature (Flowering/ Non-Flowering) The plant rarely produces flowers. It takes around 5-6 years for the plant to produce flowers after planting under ideal conditions
Watering As ZZ Plant has an extremely efficient water retention mechanism, the plant requires low watering. The plant likes it best if it is left to dry out completely between watering.
Soil Condition The plant prefers a fast-draining loose soil mix.
Placement ZZ Plant grows best in a place where the morning sun is accessible. The plant does not require a high amount of sunlight and can be grown in low-light situations.
Toxic Level ZZ Plant is toxic in nature. The plant should be kept away from children and pets. Wearing a glove or washing the hand after handling the plant is recommended.
Indoor/ Outdoor Although the ZZ plant can be grown outdoors, it makes a fantastic almost un-killable indoor plant
Vastu The plant can be placed in the north, northeast, or east direction. The plant is said to bring fortune and good luck.
Tips 1. Do not overwater the plant.
2. Put the plant in medium to bright indirect light.
3. Pot the plant in a planter that has drainage holes in it.
Frequently Asked Question What are the major problem faced in ZZ plant? 
The major problem faced by the plant includes yellow leaves and drooping steam. Drooping steam is seen in the plant if it is suffering from root rot. The major causes of root rot in ZZ Plant is because of overwatering or fungi. The yellow leaves are also developed due to overwatering of the plant.
How fast will ZZ Plant grow?
ZZ plants are slow grower plants. The plant’s growth can be anywhere from five inches to just a couple of inches.
When and how the plant repotting can be done?
ZZ Plant sustains well if the repotting is done at the beginning of the spring. As the plant is a slow grower, they do not need to be repotted that often. The plant best sustains in pots with good drainage and does not retain excess water.

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