The Rising Trend Of Indoor Plants In Nepal

Humans have been growing plants indoors for a very long time. The first practices regarding growing indoor plants can be traced back to the early Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese civilizations. In addition to this, the Japanese people have been known to dwarf trees for decorative purposes for centuries.

However, all those civilizations kept indoor plants mostly for decorative purposes. They did not know the actual health benefits these plants had.

But, with the advancement in science and technology, we now know much more in terms of the health benefits of indoor plants. We now know what kind of indoor plant has what benefits and how you can achieve a better life with their use. In this context, in Nepal,

Health Benefits Of Indoor Plants

Allergy Relief

The first benefit of indoor plants is allergy relief. Researchers found that rooms with indoor plants have less allergy-causing elements such as dust and mold. And considering the current situation of air pollution in Nepal, keeping indoor plants can prove very beneficial for people with allergy problems. Leaves and other parts of the indoor plants act as natural filters that catch allergens and other airborne particles. Chinese Evergreen is one such indoor plant.

Maintain Humidity

Having low moisture in the air can increase your chances of catching a cold, flu, or skin rashes. Indoor plants also help in regulating humidity inside the room. Plants such as Spider Plants can boost the relative humidity of the room, especially in winters. When talking in context of Nepal, these plants are especially useful for people living in the upper hilly and himalayan regions where people are more susceptible to problems like dry skin and common cold.

Purify The Air

Indoor plants can also purify the air inside your home. Carpets, paints, cleaners, and other objects release pollutants in the air that you breathe in, causing eye and skin irritation, asthma, or just breathing difficulties. Plants like English Ivy, Asparagus Fern, and Dragon Tree help in air purification inside your home. Considering how people in Nepal like to put woolen carpets on the floor of their rooms and use cleaners frequently, these plants can be a huge help for mitigating airborne diseases.

Better Digestion

Mint plants, such as peppermint and spearmint, and Basil can be grown in small pots inside your home. These plants help in better digestion and relieve you of any stomach problems. This type of indoor plant is especially useful in the context of Nepal as the food quality here is not so good with excessive oil and fat, not to mention, the huge consumption of junk food.

Relieve Anxiety

Another beneficial plant that can be grown indoors is Lavender. Although anecdotal, few pieces of evidence exist that suggest that Lavender can help reduce anxiety and calm you down. Inhaling Lavender oil, massaging your scalp with Lavender oil, or just boiling its leaves for tea can produce these effects.

Skin Treatment

Aloe Vera might be the most famous indoor plant out there, and for good reasons. Aloe Vera is a home remedy for a multitude of problems such as minor burns, sunburns, acne and other skin conditions, and even constipation! A plant that does not need too much attention, keeping a pot of Aloe Vera in your home can be helpful for people like middle class students and job-holders in Nepal who do not have much time or money to get fancy skin treatments.

Better Sleep

An abundance of oxygen helps people sleep better. Plants like gerbera daisies give off oxygen even at night, and putting a few pots of this plant inside your room could help you in sleeping soundly.

Stress Relief And Sharper Focus

Several studies have shown that plants like heart-leaf philodendron and snake plants, when added to your decor, helps in stress relief. These studies have shown that being around plants has a calming effect on people. In addition to this, plants such as bamboo palm also may help you focus more on your work and strengthen your memory.

Accelerated Healing 

A bouquet of flowers or potted foliage is not only a nice gesture to someone who is in the hospital due to some health problems. Several pieces of research have shown that plants like orchid or peace lilies can actually help people who have had recent surgeries recover faster. Patients also tolerate pain better and need fewer medications when they are surrounded by plants.

Better Mental And Emotional Health

Indoor plants also help in achieving better mental and emotional health. Plants and gardening are used to help people with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric conditions. They also prove helpful to people who are recovering from trauma and people with dementia. This might be extremely helpful to ex-soldiers who have returned to Nepal from their deployment in various foreign countries.

Decorative Benefits Of Indoor Plants

Decorative benefits are the actual reasons why people in ancient times first started growing plants indoors. They realized the aesthetic value that having plants inside the house can bring.

The vibrant colors of the leaves and flowers of indoor plants will add a new dimension to the beauty of your living space. Indoor plants literally possess the X factor that will turn a house into a home and provide your living space with a different kind of admirable beauty.


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