The Five Hardy Aquarium Plants in Nepal

Aquascaping is one of the best part of getting an aquarium if you are a plant lover. Real plants, rocks, stones, driftwoods are always an eye pleaser than the plastic ones. People have started working on Aquascaping in Nepal as the concept is getting more popular with times among the aquarium keeper.

Along with other resources like rocks, stones, driftwoods, aquarium plants are one of the main necessity in Aquascaping. Aquarium Plants are also the hardest part of the project due to its varieties and nature (Hardy and Weak Plants). 

Here we bring you the top 5 hardy Aquarium plants in Nepal that are easy to take care of. 

1.      Hornwort/ Ceratophyllum

Hornwort/ Ceratophyllum plant is one of the most famous freshwater aquarium plants in Nepal. It can survive in water temperature of 59-86°F and can grow both floating and planted. The plant are best kept for its capability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. They cost around Rs. 200-1000 depending upon its size and variant.

2.       Java Fern

Java Fern is another popular plant among the aquarium plants in Nepal. It is an easy to grow plant which can survive in low light and can grow up to 7-8 inches. It is relatively slow growing which adds to its benefit as it requires low maintenance.

3.       Java Moss

The moss ball are very handy aquarium plants in Nepal. They are suitable for providing shelter for eggs, new-born fry and also in adding the depth look in the aquarium. In aquascaping they are mainly used to in woods to create trees. It is easy to grow and maintain in the fresh water aquarium as it grows in both low to bright light and in wide range of temperature; 59-86F.

4.       Duck Weed

Duck Weed are the most used floating plants in Nepal. Along with being low maintenance, the plant multiply with its leaves over very short period of time. They are kept in both aquarium and ponds. Even though several hungry fish enjoy it as a food, it multiplying capacity, push it to the top list of the hardy aquarium plants in Nepal.

5.       Dwarf Chain Swords

Unlike other carpet grass like Micro Sword, Dwarf Hairgrass, Monte Carlo, Dwarf Chain Swords are easy to grow and maintain. The carpet plant is one of the bestselling aquarium plants in Nepal for aquascaping as it requires null to very less carbon dioxide. It is a fast growing plant with can reach up to 10 centimeter. 

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