Welcome to Plant and Decor (plantanddecor.com). We are a one-of-a-kind online marketplace for plant and decor-related products in Nepal and here are the terms and conditions that you, both as a vendor and a customer, accept by using our site, services, and tools, which are hereby referred to as “Site”.


Plant and Decor reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove parts of these Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notifications to the users of the Site. Your continued use of the Site implies your agreement with the Terms and Conditions. Thus, you are requested to check for updates in the Terms and Conditions from time to time.

Limitation of Liability

We, Plant and Decor, and our employees are only a platform for other independent parties wishing to buy and sell products and are NOT the parties selling anything that is displayed on the Site. The users providing any kind of products and services are independent vendors working with the help of advertisements through this platform.

Therefore, Plant and Decor is not responsible for the errors, representation, breaches, acts, or carelessness of any such independent users for any injuries, damages, death, or expenses resulting from such acts.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you agree not to hold Plant and Decor accountable and responsible for third party content, listing, advertisements, or information. You also agree to not hold Plant and Decor liable for acts such as misuse and illegal activities as most advertisements, postings, and information are submitted by various users directly and Plant and Decor have no role in their creation.

Further, you also agree that Plant and Decor is not responsible for any loss of money or goodwill, or any indirect consequential damages arising out of your use of the Site or from the purchase and sales of goods and services with other users of the site.


The users who use the Site agree to indemnify and hold Plant and Decor and parties related to us (officers, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assigns, directors, agents, service providers, and employees) harmless from any claim or demand, including attorney fees and court costs up to a reasonable amount, made by any third party which arise due to content submitted by the users, the users’ use of the Site, violation of the Terms and Conditions, breach of warranties by any user, or the user’s violation of any rights of another.

Third-Party Content and Services

Our Site may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than Plant and Decor. We are not responsible for the content that they put up on their websites, or your use of those content, as Plant and Decor does not control such websites and such hyperlinks are only provided for the users’ reference.

It is also the users’ responsibility to protect themselves from viruses and other harmful elements that those websites may contain. Plant and Decor does not endorse any linked websites or the information, products, and services that appear on them, and makes no warranty for such.

Payments and Billing

Plant and Decor does not accept payments from users for any product mentioned or advertised on our platform. We are not involved in buying or selling any products or services and also do not act as a middleman or agent for such products.

All products are listed by the vendors who post information about their products. Therefore, vendors themselves are responsible for obtaining payments from their customers and issuing bills for their sales. Buyers, too, are responsible for verifying their purchased products/services before confirming any payments to the sellers.

Plant and Decor are also not responsible for any contract between the buyer and seller. Both parties are responsible to fulfill their contractual and legal obligations regarding payments, terms, conditions, warranties, and bills of the products.


Plant and Decor is not involved in the delivery of any products listed on the platform. It is the sole responsibility of the sellers to deliver the goods purchased through their advertisements and also to ensure that the products they deliver are in the state or condition as promised in the advertisement.

Intellectual Property

Plant and Decor Site contains content that includes Your Content, Plant and Decor’s information, and information and content from other users.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that all the content and materials (except the ones specifically owned by Plant and Decor) seen on the Site are owned by their respective owners.

The brand logo, business name, and design of the platform is solely owned by Plant and Decor and are protected by intellectual property laws. You agree to not use, modify, sell, or create derivatives from those materials in any way. 


Vendors and Sellers are responsible to use original images and information for the advertisement of their products. The use of images and information which can claim copyright infringements is strictly prohibited. Plant and Decor will not be responsible for copyright claims to such content.

Restricted Content

By agreeing with the Terms and Conditions, you agree not to post advertisements or information about the following types of products and services:

  1. 1. That is related to the sale of any illegal, counterfeit, stolen goods and/or services
  2. 2. Of goods/services of which you are not the lawful owner or do not have authority to list for
  3. 3. Containing virus, spam, pyramid schemes or any similar forms
  4. 4. Related to goods/or services that are prohibited by laws & regulation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
  5. 5. Not allowed by the Site’s rules.

Your Account

Vendors and Buyers may be required to create an account with Plant and Decor to access certain services of the platform. You may be required to provide personal information to complete the account creation process.

The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their user identification, password, account credentials, and other private information. You agree to maintain the privacy of this confidential information and prevent misuse of your account.

The user is also responsible for the content, including photos, videos, graphics, product information, and other related information, that is posted through their account. Plant and Decor reserves the right to terminate/suspend your account in the case the account posts Restricted Content.

Eligibility/Minimum Age

Any user who wishes to use the Site has to be eighteen (18) years or older. Plant and Decor does not authorize anyone who is younger than 18 to post content on the platform. If you are younger than 18, you agree to use the site under the supervision of a parent or a legal guardian.

If you are using the Site on the behalf of another organization or a legal entity, you are responsible to obtain any necessary authority to use the Site. You are also responsible for the content you post on the site and agree to not hold Plant and Decor liable for the content.

Reuse of Information

Plant and Decor reserves the right to reuse the images, contents and information posted in the website for promotion proposes in the current website as well as other platforms.