Snake Plant

Plant  Snake Plant
Scientific Name Dracaena trifasciata
Plant Size On an average, the plants grow from 1-3 feet whereas, in case of the bigger varieties, the plant grows from 3-8 feet
Nature (Flowering/ Non-Flowering) The plant annually produce flower when given proper resources.
Watering Snake Plant does not require heavy watering. Letting the soil dry out almost completely between watering works great for Snake Plant.
Soil Condition Snake plant like well-draining soil. The plant further likes the soil with a bit high PH level (acidic in nature).
Placement The plant can grow in any kind of light level. However, strong direct sunlight should be avoided to eliminate leaves burn.
Toxic Level Snake Plant is considered mildly toxic if consumed.
Indoor/ Outdoor The plant can grow both indoors and outdoor.
Vastu Snake Plant is known as the beacon of positive energy. The plant is mainly placed in the bedroom in the east, south, or southeast direction for boosting positivity.
Tips 1. Do not overwater the plant. One of the most common issues faced by the plant owners is overwatering.
2. Pot the plant in a planter with loose potting soil.
Frequently Asked Question What are the major problem faced in Snake Plant?
The major problem faced in Snake Plant is watery leaves. The problem is caused due to overwatering. Minimize watering the plant and wait for the soil to dry out.
Why is the Plant leaves curling?
Snake Plant leaves curl due to stress in the plant mainly caused by underwatering and too much sunlight.
How to grow Snake Plant faster?
The snake plant is a slow-growing plant. To ensure the plant’s rapid growth, the plant should be placed in bright indirect sunlight in loose potting soil mix and should be fertilized regularly.

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