The privacy of our users is our utmost concern. Having said that, the nature of our business requires us to collect some user data to provide certain services to the users. We collect personal information such as name, email address, contact address, phone numbers, etc, which are provided to us voluntarily by the users. Some of this information is publicly displayed on the internet and third parties can use this information. We have no control over the acts of third parties regarding that information. Also, some information is used for communication purposes with the users.

Some computer data are involuntarily collected by our systems. These include cookies, user IP address, site browsing behavior, page traffic, etc. These are essential for the proper functioning of some services of our site. Google, too, may collect these data for the purposes of displaying user-based advertisements.

We use collected information and data to provide our services, facilitate communication between users, customize information, communicate marketing and promotional offers (from which you can opt-out anytime), display third parties advertisements, identify user, market research, troubleshoot & improve or develop our system.

Plant and Decor assures that your data are not being sold or rented for organizational gain. We do not sell or rent personal information to third parties without explicit user consent. However, we are required to disclose users’ personal information to Government authorities and law enforcement authorities from time to time. We may also disclose personal information to enforce our policies regarding claims made by others for violation of their rights, privacy, and property.

We may also share some parts of your personal information to our service providers such as mobile network operators and hosting providers. We do this to keep our business functioning in the technical front.

We store your personal information on secure computer systems and ensure, to the best of our abilities, that your information is protected from unauthorized use. We also urge the users to understand that transmission of data over the internet is not completely safe and also not under our control and to use any protective measures if thought necessary.

The users can modify, delete their personal details and other content on the site whenever they want. However, we might keep backup/archive of the past information for future use including but not limited to reporting, regulatory compliances, etc for a reasonable amount of time.