Peace Lily

PlantPeace Lily
Scientific NameSpathiphyllum
Plant SizeThe plant grows up to 2-3 feet.
Nature (Flowering/ Non-Flowering)Peace Lily is a flowing plant usually blooms in springtime, sometimes later.
WateringIn Summer and Spring, keeping the soil moist and allowing it to dry slightly near the top works great for Peace Lily. During the winter, the plant requires even less watering.
Soil ConditionThe plants like well-draining, loose potting soil that contains plenty of organic matter.
PlacementPeace Lily does not require direct sunlight and can be grown in both shade or partial shade.
Toxic LevelThe plant is toxic in nature. The plant should be kept away from children and pets.
Indoor/ OutdoorPeace Lily is mainly grown indoors but the plant can also be kept and grown outdoor in partially shade area.
VastuThe plant can be placed in the bedroom to keep off the negative energies.
Tips1. Do not overwater the plant.
2. Put the plant in indirect light.
3. Pot the plant in a planter with loose potting soil.
Frequently Asked QuestionWhat are the major problem faced in Peace Lily plant?
The major problem faced by the plant includes leaves turning brown/yellow and failure to bloom. The failure to flower problem can be fixed by placing the plant in indirect bright/moderate light and providing the necessary essentials. The brown/yellow leaves is mainly caused by either overwatering/ underwatering. If the plant show the issue wait for the lily wilts before watering again.
How fast will Peace Lily grow?
Peace Lily grows in a moderate pace. On average, it takes around 4-5 years for the plant to fully grow.
What does it mean when the plant drops water?
Peace Lily dropping water generally means the plant needs more/ frequent watering.

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