Money Plant

Plant Name Money Plant
Scientific Name Epipremnum aureum
Plant Size Money Plant is a climber plant. In average each branch of the plant grows around 15 feet.
Nature (Flowering/ Non-Flowering) The plant is non-flowering in nature.
Watering The plant can grow in both soil and in water. Money Plant likes a bit of wet soil. Watering the plant when the soils partially dry out works best for the plant.
Soil Condition  
Placement The plant should be placed in an area with partial/indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves whereas too little light can cause the leaves to turn yellow.
Toxic Level The plant is toxic to pets and children if slowed.
Indoor/ Outdoor The plant can grow both indoor and outdoor.
Vastu According to Vastu, Money Plant should be placed in the southeast direction inside the house. For outside the house, the plant can be placed in the north entrance.
Tips 1. Do not use fertilizer if the Money Plant is being grown in water.
2. Pot the plant in a planter with loose potting soil.
Frequently Asked Question What are the major problem faced in Money Plant?
Losing Leave, and Leave turning Yellow are the two major problems faced by the plant keeper. The leaves fall is witnessed due to several reasons like overwatering and root decay. Watering the plant only when necessary and monitoring and grooming the leaves can fix the problem.
How can the plant be propagated?
The plant can be propagated by putting the cuttings in water or by placing it in a potting mixture of half soil and half moss/ cocopeats.
How to grow Money Plant faster?
Planting the pot in a big pot and using necessary supplements can cause the plant to grow faster. Placing the plant in indirect sunlight and a bright place also helps. 

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